The ISTD International Latin Syllabus (1998-2000)
Some figures have Developments listed which alter either the figure itself, creating a new type of figure, or the precedes and/or follows to the figure. These are generally only permitted at levels higher than the original basic form of the figure and have not been included in this listing.

Cha Cha

1. Basic Movements (Closed, Open, In Place)
2. New York (to Left or Right Side Position)
3. Spot Turns to Left or Right (including Switch and Underarm Turns)
4. Shoulder to Shoulder (Left Side and Right Side)
5. Hand to Hand (to Right and Left Side Position)
6. Three Cha Cha Chas (Forward and Back)
7. Side Steps (to Left or Right)
8. There and Back
9. Time Steps

10. Fan
11. Alemana
12. Hockey Stick
13. Natural Top
14. Natural Opening Out Movement
15. Closed Hip Twist

16. Open Hip Twist
17. Reverse Top
18. Opening Out from Reverse Top
19. Aida
20. Spiral Turns (Spiral, Curl, Rope Spinning)
21. Cross Basic
22. Cuban Breaks (including Split Cuban Breaks)
23. Chase

24. Advanced Hip Twist
25. Hip Twist Spiral
26. Turkish Towel
27. Sweetheart
28. Follow My Leader
29. Foot Changes