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    Mặc định Macarena

    Về bài hát :
    Marena là tên một bài hát Tây Ba Nha do Los Del Rio, sáng tác nói về một phụ nữ cùng tên, nghĩa là “ Mẹ của Chúa “ Nó được nghe rất nhiều từ năm 1933 đến 1997, nó có hai lần được giải bài hát đơn bán chạy nhất ở Mỹ và cũng đã đứng thứ nhất một lần trong bình chọn “The #1 Greatest One-Hit Wonder of all time” vào năm 2002. []

    Đây là bài hát khá nổi tiếng .

    Ý nghĩa của bài hát :
    Một cô gái tên là Macarena, quá buồn vì người yêu của cô là Vitorino đi lính, bỏ ra ngoài thị trấn vui vẻ say sưa với những người đàn ông khác. Tóm lại là nội dung có vẻ khó được chấp nhận và phổ biến. Nên coi như tiếng Tây không hiểu nội dung [1] [1]

    Bước nhảy :
    Pre up lên đấy , thử kiểm tra xem ta nhảy có khác không nhé
    Do một Vũ sư người Vê-nê-du-ê-la tạo ra dạy trong lớp của ông sau lan ra khắp thế giới. Kiểu nhảy này thích hợp với các cháu bé do không hiểu nội dung bài hát [)1] [)1]

    Kiểu nhảy tâp thể đứng thành hàng quay mặt về khán giả

    Bài nhảy gồm 16 bước , cứ tuần tự lặp lại 16 bước cho đến khi hết bài hát.

    1. Dơ tay phải ra trước lòng bàn tay quay xuống
    2. Dơ tay trái ra trước lòng bàn tay quay xuống
    3. Quay tay phải để bàn tay ngửa lên
    4. Quay tay trái để bàn tay ngửa lên
    5. Đặt bàn tay phải lên vai trái
    6. Đặt bàn tay trái lên vai phải
    7. Đặt bàn tay phải lên lên sau đầu
    8. Đặt bàn tay trái lên lên sau đầu
    9. Đặt bàn tay phải lên lên hông trái
    10. Đặt bàn tay trái lên lên hông phải
    11. Đặt bàn tay phải ra sau lưng
    12. Đặt bàn tay trái ra sau lưng

    13 và 14 Xoay hông qua trái qua phải và miệng hát “Ehhhh Macarena”

    15 và 16 nhảy lên và quay trái 90 độ

    Thế là xong điệu này, ngày sau nếu có đi hướng dẫn Pre chọn điêu này cho nhàn

    Video để hình dung thì xem ở :


    Một biến thể khác sử dụng những bước nhảy của Sam ba do người Đức chơi :
    PART B
    1&2 Step right to side, cross left behind right on ball of foot, step right in place
    3&4 Step left to side, cross right behind left on ball of foot, step left in place
    5&6 Step right slightly to right, toe turn out, paddle left to left with ball of foot, replace weight to right continuing right turn
    &7&8 Continuing paddle-turn to right completing full-turn
    9-16 Repeat counts 1-8 on opposite foot
    17&18 Step right beside left slightly forward, step left back on ball of foot, draw right back about 3 inches
    19&20 Step left beside right slightly forward, step right back on ball of foot, draw left back about 3-inches
    21-24 Repeat counts 17-20
    25&26 Cross right over left, step left to side on ball of foot, replace weight on right
    27&28 Cross left over right, step right to side on ball of foot, replace weight on left
    29-32 Repeat counts 25-28 (turn ¼ left on count 32)
    Bump left hip and clap hands for 6 counts (dance only once at 9:00 wall)
    For the last “A” sequence 16 counts, turn ½ left (instead of ¼) and jump forward to face front wall (12:00) with hands on back of hips

    Bạn nào có Lindance nào khác cùng góp vui


    Bài viết của tác giả Prepronze
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    Mặc định

    Los Del Rio
    Label: RCA
    Peak Date: 8/3/1996
    Peak Position: 1 (14)


    The bilingual Bayside Boys Mix of Los del Rio's "Macarena" spent 14 weeks at No. 1 in 1996, gaining the top position several weeks before it was used to introduce-and provide a punch line for-Al Gore's speech at that year's Democratic National Convention. The song spent 23 weeks in the top 10. The flamenco-flavored party track and accompanying dance by two middle-aged men named Antonio Romero and Rafael Ruiz was already a hit in Spain in 1993, and "Macarena" was a favorite on cruise ships before docking in Miami's South Beach clubs by mid-decade. It first appeared on the Hot 100 in 1995. After the success of the Bayside Boys Mix in 1996, an early version by Los del Rio spent 21 weeks on the Hot 100, peaking at No. 23.

    File gốc: NhacChat YouTube Player ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Origin and history

    As a result of their lounge act, Los del Río were invited to tour South America in March, 1992 and, while visiting Venezuela, they were invited to a private party held by the Venezuelan impresario (of Cuban descent) Gustavo Cisneros. Many prominent Venezuelans were in attendance that night, including former president Carlos Andrés Pérez.

    Cisneros had arranged for a local flamenco teacher, Diana Patricia Cubillán Herrera, to do a small performance for the guests, and Los Del Rio were pleasantly surprised by Cubillán's dance skills. Spontaneously, Romero recited the song's chorus-to-be on the spot, as an accolade to Cubillán, but naming her "Ma'dalena" (Magdalena): "Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Ma'dalena, que tu cuerpo e' pa' darle alegría y cosa' buena'" ("Give your body some joy, Magdalene, 'cause your body is for giving joy and good things too"). In Andalusian culture labeling a woman "Magdalena" is to give her a faint association with Mary Magdalene's reportedly seedy past, and more accurately describes her as being sassy or sensuous.[1]

    Romero saw potential in the improvised rhyme and, back at their hotel, the duo came up with the basic structure of the song. Since "Magdalena" was also the title of another song by Mexican-Spanish singer Emmanuel quite popular at the time, Romero suggested that they use "Macarena" instead which, besides being part of one of his daughters name, is a popular name in Andalusia, given its association with the Virgin of the Macarena, the incarnation of the Virgin Mary that is a patroness of Seville's barrio La Macarena. The Virgin-Magdalene dichotomy probably explains the rest of the lyrics: a song about a young woman, the girlfriend of a recent recruit to the Spanish Army named Victorino (whose name may be inspired from a kind of bull with long horns, evoking the cornudo, or male victim of his partner's infidelity, a mental image common in Spanish and Latin American culture), who celebrates his drafting by hooking up with two of his male friends. Macarena has a weakness for males in uniform, spending summers at Marbella, and dreams of shopping at El Corte Inglés (the major Spanish department store chain), moving to New York City and getting a new boyfriend.

    Recording breaking and worldwide impact

    The song was originally recorded in 1992, and released in 1993 as a rumba. This was the first of six versions of the song that can be associated to Los Del Rio. Another version, a new flamenco rumba pop fusion theme with fully Spanish lyrics, attained significant success in Spain and Mexico. It also became popular in Puerto Rico because of its use as an unofficial campaign theme song for then-governor Pedro Rosselló, who was seeking reelection under the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico's ticket. Being the base for many cruise ships, many visitors to the island were constantly exposed to the song during their stay in Puerto Rico. This may explain how the song spread to — and became a smash hit in — cities with sizeable Latino communities in the United States, particularly Miami and New York City.

    After being remixed by the Bayside Boys and having English lyrics added, it became a worldwide hit in summer 1996. The single spent 14 weeks at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, one of the longest runs atop the Hot 100 chart in history. During its heyday, the song was played frequently at professional athletic games, rallies, conventions, and other places. In 1996, many believe a world record for group dancing was set, when a crown of 50,000 people danced the Macarena in Yankee Stadium in New York City.[2] The song made such an impact that during the Democratic National Convention in 1996, Al Gore humorously performed his version of the Macarena by standing completely still while the song played.[3]

    The Macarena remained popular through 1996, but by the end of 1997, its popularity had diminished greatly. The song also broke records at the time by remaining in the Hot 100 chart for 62 weeks. The Bayside Boys remix includes a sample from Yazoo (also known in the United States as Yaz) track Situation - the laughter of Yazoo vocalist Alison Moyet.

    As of 1997, the song had sold 11 million copies. While only having a 25% take in royalties from the song, Romero and Ruiz became immensely wealthy. According to the BBC News Service, during the year 2003 alone — a full decade after the song's initial release — Romero and Ruiz made USD $250,000 in royalties. Julio Iglesias is quoted as congratulating the duo personally: "My success singing in English from Miami is nothing compared to yours; coming out of Dos Hermanas with little international exposure elsewhere and selling these many records in Spanish takes two huge sets of cojones.[4]"

    In VH1's 2002 documentary 100 Greatest One-hit Wonders, Macarena was ranked as #1. Macarena was also ranked #1 on a different VH1 documentary, 40 Awesomely Bad No. 1 Songs

    Music video

    There are two different music videos. The most common, a video for the song created in 1996, featuring Los del Rio performing on a white backdrop. Some women are also seen dancing with the band. This version samples a line from The Graduate ("I am not trying to seduce you!") which was later removed due to possible copyright issues. The other, similar version of the music video was in black and white and was more instructional in that the women and men are clearly shown performing the specific dance moves.

    Notably, there is a diversity of female dancers from all around the world to specifically appeal to the many ethnicities of the world; each of the dancers lip-synch to the female vocals.

    Track Listings

    Australian CD Single

    1. "Macarena" (Bayside Boys Remix) - 3:50
    2. "Macarena" (Bass Bumpers Remix - Club Mix) - 5:40
    3. "Macarena" (Pulsar House Mix) - 5:40
    4. "Macarena" (La Mezcla Guerrillera 130 BPM) - 5:35
    5. "Macarena" (River Re-Mix 103 BPM) - 5:02

    Christmas Version

    Due to the overwhelming and unimaginable success of the song, a Christmas version of the song was created for the 1996 Christmas Season. It involved the original song with short lines from classic Christmas carols (specifically incorporating: Joy To The World, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, White Christmas, and Auld Lang Syne) in between the popular verses. The song is specifically titled "Macarena (Joy Mix)".

    In the music video, the young female dancers wear Christmas colored attire but there are nine of them compared to the ten dancers in the original. For the sequence featuring a new routine, eight of them are shown with one of them being switched with a ninth dancer at times throughout the chorus. [5]

    Official Versions

    * "Macarena" (Original) - 4:09
    * "Macarena" (Bayside Boys Remix) - 3:50
    * "Macarena" (Bayside Boys Remix - Video Version)
    * "Macarena" (Bass Bumpers Remix - Club Mix) - 5:40
    * "Macarena" (DJ Pero Latin Piano Mix) - 5:36
    * "Macarena" (New Remix by Bass Bumpers) - 3:27
    * "Macarena" (La Mezcla Guerrillera 130 BPM) - 5:35
    * "Macarena" (Pulsar House Mix) - 5:40
    * "Macarena" (River Re-Mix 103 BPM) - 5:02
    * "Macarena Christmas" (Joy Mix)
    * "Macarena Christmas" (Joy Mix - Club Version) - 5:44
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    Mặc định


    The song was associated with a distinctive fast dance. The song originally had no dance, and it eventually caught on with the rest of the world. The Macarena dance is performed in time with the refrain of the song. To perform the dance,

    * One places his/her arms forward, palm down, left arm, then right arm.
    * Then the dancer turns his arms over so that his palms are up, left, then right.
    * The dancer puts his hands on his shoulders, first left hand on right shoulder, then right on left.
    * Then the dancer puts his hands on the back of his head, again left, then right.
    * The dancer then places his arms on his hips, left hand on right hip, then right on left.
    * Then the dancer's hands go on their respective hips or rear end, left then right
    * The routine finishes with a pelvic rotation in time with the line "Ehhhh Macarena!"
    * Then the dancer simultaneously jumps and turns 90 degrees counter clockwise and repeats the same motions throughout the whole song.

    In the most common mix of the song, the dancer should go back to the beginning of the dance at the end of the first verse, in order for the rest of the routine to be in sync with the song.

    An alternative version of the dance replaces the pelvic rotation with a series of pelvic thrusts, as shown in the video for Los del Rio's recording of the song. It should also be noted that the dance itself may have been lifted off a performance from the Mindbenders in 1965 in a song called Shotgun, with a very young Jimi Hendrix on guitar.

    Chi tiết hơn:
    Step 1:
    Right arm out palm down.
    Step 2:
    Left arm out palm down.
    Step 3:
    Right arm out palm up.
    Step 4:
    Left arm out palm up.
    Step 5:
    Right hand grabs inside of the left arm.
    Step 6:
    Left hand grabs inside of the right arm.
    Step 7:
    Right hand grabs behind right back of NECK.
    Step 8:
    Left hand grabs behind left back of NECK.
    Step 9:
    Right hand on left front pants pocket.
    Step 10:
    Left hand on right front pants pocket.
    Step 11:
    Right hand on right back pants pocket.
    Step 12:
    Left hand on left back pants pocket.
    Step 13:
    Move your butt to the left.
    Step 14:
    Move your butt to the right.
    Step 15:
    Move your butt to the left.
    Step 16:
    Clap and turn 90 degrees to the right.
    REPEAT until you collapse!

    Lời bài hát đây:
    When I dance they call me macarena
    and the boys they say that I´m buena
    they all want me, they can´t have me
    So they all come and dance beside me
    move with me jam with me
    and if your good i take you home with me
    A la tuhuelpa legria macarena
    Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena
    A la tuhuelpa legria macarena Eeeh, macarena
    A-Hai 2x
    Now don´t you worry ´bout my boy friend
    the boy who´s name is Nicorino

    I don´t want him, ´cause sent him
    he was no good so I - hahaaaa
    Now, come on, what was I supposed to do ?
    He was outta town and his two friends were soooo fine
    Ref. 2x
    Claps Ahai Ahai
    Ref. 2x
    Come and find me, my name is Macarena
    always at the party,
    ´cause the chicos think I´m buena
    come join me, dance with me
    and all your fellows cat hello with me
    Ref. 5x

    Bạn nào có thời gian dịch các bài viết này cho mọi người cùng đọc nhỉ !
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    Mặc định

    The Macarena Dance Macarena Dance
    The Macarena dance accompanies a song that was the single most popular one-hit-wonder to ever hit the American music scene. It spent 60 weeks on the Top 100 charts, and fourteen of those were at the number one spot. As a dance it is performed everywhere from grade schools to checkpoints in Iraq, and has been alternately lampooned, ridiculed, remixed and championed.

    What the Heck IS a Macarena?

    In fact, the "Macarena" is a play on words. The song was originally spontaneously created by the performing group Los del Rio to honor a Venezuelan flamenco dancer Diana Patricia Cubillán Herrera for her incredible performance during their visit. In that song they referred to her as "Magdalena:"

    "Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Ma'dalena, que tu cuerpo e' pa' darle alegría y cosa' Buena"

    (Translation: "Give your body some joy, Magdalene, 'cause your body is for giving joy and good things to")

    Los del Rio thought the song had some potential, and they decided to release it as a recording in 1993. However, since there had already been a song out called "Magdalena" (a colloquial term denoting a sexy, assertive woman), they decided to name it after one of their children, Macarena.

    This was not to imply that the Macarena was about an innocent. Very similar to the story of Carmen in Bizet's opera, the Macarena was the the girlfriend of a soldier who cheated on him when he was gone and was obsessed with material goods that he could never provide for her.

    The song went through several incarnations not only by the original composers, Los del Rio:

    * In 1993 Macarena is released as a Rumba
    * Also released in Spanish and Mexican markets with a Flamenco beat.
    * Used in Puerto Rico as campaign song for Pedro Rossello.
    * In 1996, the Bayside Boys gave it English lyrics and it became a worldwide number one hit.
    * In 1995, Los del Mar covered the song and released it in the UK, never making it into the top 40.

    The Macarena Dance

    The Macarena dance has become one of the most popular line dances performed in contemporary culture. Weddings, parties, bars, any location where people dance can turn into a "macarena." The dance can be performed by one person or 500, and as long as they can turn ninety degrees in each direction, no more space is needed than standing room.

    Originally created for the music video by Los del Rio, the Macarena dance is as follows:

    * The dancer puts their right arm forward, palm down. Leave it there.
    * The dancer puts their left arm forward, palm down.
    * Turn arms over, palms are up, one at a time, first right, then left.
    * Dancer's right hand goes to left shoulder, holds.
    * Dancer's left hand goes to right shoulder, so that the arms are crossed in an X across the chest.
    * One at a time the dancer puts their hands behind their head – first right, then left.
    * Through all of these moves, the dancer should bounce slightly to the beat of the music, bending the knees up and down and letting the hips sway back and forth. It is a loose dance.
    * Hands go to hips, right on left hip, then left on right. In more suggestive versions of the dance the hands might go to the hips of the person directly in front of the dancer.
    * The dancer's hands are placed on their buttocks, first the right cheek, then the left.
    * As the singer sings "Hey, Macarena!" the hips are either rotated in a figure-8 pattern or given sharp pelvic thrusts.
    * With a small hop the dancer turns 90 degrees to their left and begins step one.

    Because of its simplicity and repetitive choreography, the dance actually provides a lot of social interaction in the form of laughing at easily-correctable mistakes, flirting, and just plain fun. While its popularity has waned, there is no doubt the Macarena is one of the defining songs of popular culture.

    Thêm một bài viết nữa:

    Macarena Dance Steps

    The kids can probably tell you the Macarena dance steps but just in case you want to get a bit of practice in, here you go........

    On the count of each beat just follow the Macarena dance moves below:

    Beat 01: Place R arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palm facing down.
    Beat 02: Place L arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palm facing down.
    Beat 03: Place R arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palm facing up.
    Beat 04: Place L arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palm facing up.
    Beat 05: R hand grasps the inside of L arm at the elbow.
    Beat 06: L hand grasps the outside of R arm at the elbow.
    Beat 07: Place R hand behind R back of neck.
    Beat 08: Place L hand behind L back of neck.
    Beat 09: Place R hand on L front hip.
    Beat 10: Place L hand on R front hip.
    Beat 11: Place R hand on R back buttock.
    Beat 12: Place L hand on L back buttock.
    Beat 13: Swing your hips to the left.
    Beat 14: Swing your hips to the right.
    Beat 15: Swing your hips to the left.
    Beat 16: Clap your hands and jump turn 90 degrees to the right.

    That's all there is to it!

    If you haven't got the Macarena dance music already I recommend that you get the Latin Fiesta CD which not only has the Macarena dance but lots of other great fiesta party songs.
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    Mặc định

    Thực ra Macarena ko phải là tên một điệu nhảy. Nó là tên một bài hát rất thành công vào năm 1996 của Los Del Rio. Nếu nghe những phần tiếng Anh trong phần lời thì sẽ thấy có câu:''Mọi người hay gọi tôi là Macarena khi tôi nhảy... '' Macarena là tên một vùng lân cận của Seville.

    Tuy nhiên, phần vũ đạo của bài hát này quá xì tin và dễ nhảy theo đến mức nó tạo thành một cơn sốt trong giới hay nghe nhạc thời gian đó. Thậm chí, có người nói rằng trong một phiên họp thường kỳ của LHQ, các bác cũng kéo nhau ra nhún nhảy theo Macarena.

    Nhạc bài này là nhạc dance techno. Chia thành nhịp, phách thì hơi kỳ. Có thể coi là nhịp 4/4. 1 câu nhạc có 8 phách. Trong phiên bản gốc năm 96 thì có duy nhất 1 tổ hợp kéo trong 2 câu nhạc gồm 8 động tác.

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    Mặc định

    Quá ư là dài , dài lê thê ! Cứ làm như ai cũng rành tiếng Anh và có thì giờ đọc như bạn cã , nhất là chẵng ai nói đến Macarena từ hàng chục năm hơn rồi , hihihi . Anh Chiến xem lại liệu bài sao chép này có cần thiết hay không ? Anh ta chĩ chuyên buôn bán đồ lót nữ thôi !!! Rõ khỗ !

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    Mặc định

    Lâu rồi không liên hệ được với bác Tuy Can. Email của bác ấy bị đóng. Đang lo...

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    Mặc định

    Trích dẫn Gửi bởi khng Xem bài viết
    Lâu rồi không liên hệ được với bác Tuy Can. Email của bác ấy bị đóng. Đang lo...
    Chắc là ko tốt rồi bác ạ!

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