The ISTD International Latin Syllabus (1998-2000)
Some figures have Developments listed which alter either the figure itself, creating a new type of figure, or the precedes and/or follows to the figure. These are generally only permitted at levels higher than the original basic form of the figure and have not been included in this listing.


1. Basic in Place
2. Fallaway Rock
3. Fallaway Throwaway
4. Link
5. Change of Places Right to Left
6. Change of Places Left to Right
7. Change of Hands Behind Back
8. Hip Bump (Left Shoulder Shove)

9. American Spin
10. Walks
11. Stop and Go
12. Mooch
13. Whip
14. Whip Throwaway

15. Reverse Whip
16. Windmill
17. Spanish Arms
18. Rolling off the Arm
19. Simple Spin
20. Miami Special

21. Curly Whip
22. Shoulder Spin
23. Toe Heel Swivels
24. Chugging
25. Chicken Walks
26. Catapult
27. Stalking Walks, Flicks and Break